I go to O'Brien's because of their reputation. The practice is small and personal, and I like that. I was made to feel like a welcome and important customer. My new glasses are stylish and elegant and Dr. Janjua's eye examination was detailed and professional. The whole team are a group of friendly, motivated, customer focussed people.

O. Wolstenholme


I chose O'Brien's Optician because they sell designer frames that are so different from the cheap and cheerful ones that are sold and the chain opticians, and due to the excellent service offered. The practice is friendly and they build quickly build up a personal relationship with you and get to know your requirements and tastes.

Dr. Janjua remembers me every time - my name, job and lifestyle. He is never patronising and explains everything very well.

I've never had a problem with my lenses or frames, and come out feeling like a million dollars.

L. Boyers


I wanted a frame that stood out, was stylish and was a small size that would work with a complex prescription, that's why I chose O'Brien's Optician.

They have friendly staff that are always helpful, approachable and go the extra mile to achieve this. My experience compared to other opticians is that O'Brien's is on a different level regarging their professionalism, expertise, trust and different choice of frames with efficient lenses. My current glasses are a small frame that works well with a high prescription lens.

Dr. Janjua always explains very clearly what is happening and his eye examinations are very enjoyable.

I feel like I have known the team longer than I have. They are a pleasure to know.

Thank you for all that you do.

V. Taylor


We are existing patients of O'Brien's Optician. It is a very professional and friendly practice.

My current glasses are my favorite yet. It was an easy choice. They are modern and stylish.

Dr. Janjua is always very professional and explains everything in detail. You have every confidence in the service you recieve. I must also say that during a routine eye exam on my son's eyes, Dr. Janjua found an existing but rare condition that had been previously unnoticed by other opticians. My son was then referred to the hospital via our G.P.. The attending consultant commented that this was the first time in his 25 year experience that he had physically seen this condition as it was that rare. Well done Dr. Janjua.

The team are a pleasure to see and are also helful and professional.

M. O'Brien


The practice is professional, the staff are always helpful and friendly. My glasses are modern and stylish. Dr. Janjua is helpful, knowledgeable but above all projects professionalism. I have full confidence in his abilities. The team meet each appointment with a calm professionalism.

G. O'Brien


I have been a client of O'Brien's Optician for most of my life (about 30 years). I have never considered leaving and going anywhere else. They are wonderful at what they do.

The locality of the practice is perfect for me living in Brigg. Dr Janjua and his lovely team are so friendly and attentive.

Dr. Janjua's professional expertise, knowledge and manner is exceptional and I always leave the practice knowing that the care of my eyesight is in good hands.

An absolutley delightful practice team. I always look forward to our friendly chats. Their professionalism and efficiency is first class.

L. Chant


My previous opticians gave me an alarming and - as is subsequently transpired - completely false diagnosis of macular degeneration. I spotted an advertisment for O'Brien's in a Lincolnshire magazine, liked what I saw and decided to make contact, a decision I have never regretted.

There is a friendliness and sense of ease, but with confidence, from entering the door to leaving, which was simply not present with some other opticians I have experienced over the years.

The eye examinations with Dr. Janjua are always thorough and unhurried, the latter being important as aging eyes need more time to adjust and focus. I confess to having a penchant for asking slightly obscure questions and I have always received full and helpful explanations. This helps to establish that all imortant sense of confidence.

All the team are welcoming, polite, friendly and efficient. They reflect excellently on the practice.

G. E. Proctor - M.A. (Hons.) Oxon. G.I.P.F.A


I first chose O'Brien's Optician through an advertisment in a Lincolnshire magazine. I was looking for somewhere that I could be sure of getting a better standard of care than high street chains had offered me in the past.

I like that I can always book an appointment within a few days and I fell reassured that my eye health is always reviewed and that I am given the time to ask my questions without being hurried along.

Dr. Janjua is always very thorough and I rely on that. As I have a past history of years of blepharitis, he aways makes a point of telling me when all is well so that I have peace of mind.

The team are very friendly and helpful at all times. In all the practice is what I was hoping it would be and that is why I drive 25 miles to have my eyesight tested here.

G. Proctor


O'Brien's Optician is go convenient to get to. I love everything about the practice and haven't used any other optican for years.

They have original and attractive frames and my eye examination with Dr. Janjua was purely professional.

The team at O'Brien's Optician are perfect and courtious.

B. Dawey


I was recommended to go to O'Brien's Optician. I like the personal service and found Dr. Janjua and his team very helpful.

C. J. Hewson


I have attended O'Brien's Optican for years. The practice is very friendly at all times and I love how my glasses fit me.



You get fab service at O'Brien's Optician. I got some great glasses and the staff there are nice - the experience was excellent - second to none.

J. Ellis


My doctor, Dr. Vora of Barnetby Surgery recommended me to go to O'Brien's Optician.

All the staff make you feel very welcome and are always very helpful. Dr. Janjua will always speak to you, even if he meets you in the street, which I find very personal.

O'Brien's are far superior to other opticians. I originally went to one of the well known opticians and they failed miserably, making me go back four times before the eye pressure could be tested properly.

I have always liked frameless or half framed glasses and the present pair just suit me fine.

Dr. Janjua is very professional in his approach and takes all the time needed to make sure your prescription is correct and your eyes are healthy.

The team at O'Brien's are all friendly and helpful. They always greet you as you enter the shop, no matter what they are doing.

C. Tall


I have a complex prescription and needed quality and continuity of care which I feel can only be provided by an independent optician and in particular by O'Brien's.

Having my eyes tested is stressful for me due to my prescription, but O'Brien's put me at ease, reassured me that they could help, went out of their way to meet my complex needs and found me a pair of glasses which I'm comfortable with and happy to wear. I cannot recommend O'Brien's Optician highly enough.

The team are always helpful and give a personal service. Nothing is too much trouble.

I'm happy to put my name to a testimonial as I'm so impressed with all you have done. Many thanks.

J. Stones


I was recommended to O'Brien's. They are friendly and always make you feel welcome. They treat you as a person, not a number like the larger more advertised opticians. I say "You should have gone to O'Brien's".

Dr. Janjua treats you with respect and explains what he is doing and then also lets you know how the eye test went. The team at O'Brien's are very professional, and have a good sense of humour.

R. Angove


My doctor, Dr. Vora of Barnetby Surgery recommended me to go to O'Brien's Optician. I like that everyone is friendly and they never forget you, you're not just a number. They are far superior to other opticians that I have seen and the quality and fit of their glasses are great - I never have to go back to have them altered.

Dr. Janjua always takes his time and you never feel rushed. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

All the team are really fantastic and very helpful.

V. Tall


I wanted an eye test I could trust with a more personal service, and boy, did I get both!!

You're treated an an individual and not a number. All the staff are friendly and professional.

O'Brien's is in a totally different league to other opticians I have used. Both my eye test and customer service were superior.

Dr. Janjua is very patient and ensures you get a thorough eye test. All of the ladies give fantastic service and are a credit to the business.

E. Gibbins


A good reputation is what made me choose O'Brien's Optician. I like their professionalism and very high standards. An excellent experience compared to other opticians. My glasses are very stylish.

Dr. Janjua was very professional and a gentleman, and the rest of the team are very helpful and friendly.

V. Keane


O'Brien's has a good reputation, that's why I chose them. All the team are polite , helpful and very professional - an excellent experience compared to other opticians.

After choosing my glasses with the help of excellent staff, I can now see better and have much improved sight. My new glasses look good.

A first class eye exam with Dr. Janjua which was very thorough and you can also expect quick and prompt action in an emergency.

I love all the team at O'Brien's. They are all excellent at their jobs.

M. Keane


O'Brien's was recommended to me by a satisfied customer. They have warm, friendly staff who go out of their way to make a visit to the opticians a positive and pleasant experience.

Compared to other opticians, that most precious commodity, time, was spent to ensure I came away happy and satisfied.

My new glasses are extremely comfortable to wear. There are occasions when I even forget I'm wearing them (but not due to senior moments).

A very thorough and comprehensive eye examination with Dr. Janjua, which made me feel confident about my prescription and eye health. Again, time was taken to ensure a pleasant experience.

I have had dealings with all members of the team and I found them exceptional in their customer care and approach to myself as an individual. Nothing was too much trouble and I came away from the practice extemely satisfied with the whole experience.

B. Palmer


I was recommended to O'Brien's by a friend. They have convenient appointments. I'm not rushed when choosing new frames and I'm made to feel like a valued customer.

My eye exam with Dr. Janjua was very thorough and any problems were discussed and advice was given. All the staff at O'Brien's are friendly and approachable.

V. Dean


I chose to visit O'Brien's as there was lots af parking nearby and the shop window looked good. Helpful staff, and I like the continuity of seeing the same optician each time. They have better glasses than other opticians especially the large national chains.

My new glasses are excellent and give me very clear all round vision. Dr. Janjua's eye test was very thorough but done with great care.

All the staff are very helpful and friendly.

Peter P


O'Brien's provide an excellent service, a lot better than other opticians. I love the design and feel of my new glasses. Dr. Janjua's eye examination was very thorough - 10/10, A+. The staff are helpful and they have a very good choice of eyewear.

J. Spindley


I chose O'Brien's Optician as my family go there, so it felt natural. The staff are all friendly and the practice is very thorough - I have never been anywhere else.

B. Hartley


We have always gone to O'Brien's for our eye care. They have lovely staff who make us feel very valued. O'Brien's is so much better than other places I've been.

As always it's a joy to see Dr. Janjua and the team as they are so lovely and caring.

C. Hartley


I chose O'Brien's Optician because of their reputation as the best opticians in the area. The practice has a relaxed, happy atmosphere which makes each visit an enjoyable experience. It seems to me that O'Brien's cares about you as a person rather than just a purchaser. I am more than pleased with my glasses.

Dr Janjua's eye exam was excellent, efficient and professional. All the team are extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming.

D. Davies


I was recommended to go to O'Brien's Optician by a family member. The staff there are friendly and the practice has a calm atmosphere with no fuss.

They are outstanding compared to other opticians. All the staff are plesent, calm and definately know what they are doing. I definately recommend O'Brien's to others.

Dr. Janjua's eye exam was very thorough.

A. Wilson


O'Brien's has a good reputation. They have friendly staff and are very professional. O'Brien's are more thorough than other opticians I have been to. I have complete confidence in Dr. Janjua.

I now have fashionable glasses that are comfortable to wear. Dr Janjua takes his time with you during the eye examination.

The rest of the team at O'Brien's are so obliging and friendly.

J. Hebden


I chose O'Brien's as they are an independent optician of long standing and have a modern outlook. When we go for our annual eye examination they not only recognise you, but they also remember you name. I like the fact you see the same team every time.

Dr. Janjua's eye examination use up to date equipment which supports his vast knowledge.

R. Perkins


We have always felt that O'Brien's give the very best advice and care for all our family. Sight is so important and we feel confident in the expertise of the team.

There is a great range of frames to choose from. I wear my glasses all the time so they are important to me; my latest ones are fabulous.

The whole team at O'Brien's are friendly, efficient and all go the extra mile to help.

R Hoyle


O'Brien's make you feel like an individual. They have a fantastic range of fashionable glasses with the latest lenses.

Dr. Janjua is very thorough and explains everything to you if you have a problem. The team are all so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. They even clean your glasses for you.

M Perkins


It was such a long time ago that I fist came to O'Brien's Optician. I had tried a local optician and was not very happy with their service. I saw an advert for O'Brien's and found there was plenty of parking nearby and had a very nice greeting when I first walked in.

What I like about O'Brien's is the helpful staff, the continuity of seeing the same optician and the calm atmosphere. I get help and advice in choosing the frames and I am given the time to choose - no dashing to the next person.

Dr. Janjua is very thorough and patient, especially when I can't make up my mind. The rest of the team at O'Brien's are also friendly, helful and polite. They are wonderful.

J. Petts


I use O'Brien's Opticians due to it's proximity to work. They are professional, friendly and have lots of choice. The service always feels tailor made and never rushed. I love the fact that I'm not going to see anyone else in the area wearing the same pair of glasses.

Dr. Janjua is always patient and gives explanation on his eye exams. I am always given a warm welcome and very professional service from the whole team.

I have been a patient of O'Brien's for over 10 years and have always been treated with respect, and looked after very well, from changing my reading glasses through to varifocals and wearing contact lenses. Without Jane's help in particular, this would have been more difficult.

I also have had very good and helpful advice from all the team when it comes to choosing glasses. Many thanks.

L. Lovell


O'Brien's is a small, friendly and welcoming practice where the staff know who the clients are (most unusual these days with the multiples). The testing room is state of the art and there is a wide selection of frames.

My experience of other opticians was of seeing a different optometrist on each visit who could not possibly know one's history.

My glasses are smart, trendy and suit my facial shape. Lots of people complement me on them! The prescription has always been correct.

Dr. Janjua gives me a most thorough eye examination. He is friendly and approachable. Having recently been referred for cataract surgery he spent a great deal of time explaining the procedure and giving me much needed reassurance.

Jane, Gemma, June and Karen are very friendly, efficient and well trained. They are most knowledgeable about lenses and frames. I find that they always give helpful and thankful advice when choosing frames.

A. M. Pope


I use O'Briens Optician due to it's proximity to my home; recommendation from my wife and because it's such a pleasant and attractive practice both inside and out. It's very bright and welcoming. The opening hours and booking system / reminders are very convenient. The seating is comfortable and the testing equipment is absolutely up to date and most impressive.

Compared to other opticians O'Briens have much better focus on the customer, offering help in choosing frames from a very attractive range through to the final fitting. The service is more accurate with the glasses being right first time with timely delivery.

I love my fashionable frames with excellently delivered prescription and all the enhancements I wanted. My glasses are perfectly fitted and maintain the quality of my sight at the highest level practicable.

Dr. Janjua's manner and his examination and prescriptive competence are excellent. He is friendly, has a great sense of humour, always explains everything and listens to me as a patient. His ability to fine tune a most accurate prescription and deliver an appropriate and effective pair of glasses is unquestioned.

All the team are smart, friendly, very well trained, competent and helpful. 



I initially chose O'Briens as we had moved to the area and whilst shopping around we were greeted with the friendly ladies on reception. I am always made to feel at ease and am given time to calm down. O'Brien's treat you as an individual.

My glasses are smart and unusual, and feel very comfortable to wear.

Dr. Janjua is a very experienced optician who puts you at ease and takes his time. He is very kind as are the rest of the team at O'Briens.

L. Buckthorp


I have been a long standing cient of O'Brien's. The practice has a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. My glasses always have a good fit and I have never encountered any problems. Dr. Janjua is thorough and helpful as are the rest of the team at O'Brien's.

A. Parker


I chose O'Brien's as the consultant who clinic I was attending at Scunthorpe Hospital was also the person who did the eye testing at O'Brien's. I live, and have worked in Brigg, so it in convenient for me not to have to travel out of town.

I love my glasses and have always been happy with the choice of frames available.

Dr. Janjua is always very plesant and professional. He takes his time to explain any problems and I feel confident with his care.

The staff at O'Brien's are always welcoming, friendly and efficient. They are very helpful with advice when new frames are being chosen.

J. Parker


I chose O'Brien's as they are a long established practice and are wll respected in the area. All the staff are approachable, friendly, supportive and honest in terms of frames that suit!

I like to use O'Brien's as I get to see the same person each time, so there is continuity from appointment to appointment.

The test with Dr. Janjua is very comprehensive every time, and I am always reassured that the prescription given will fit my needs.

Customer service at O'Brien's is their priority - nothing is too much trouble.

T. Bennett


I have always used O'Brien's Optician. The staff are friendly, helpful and very proffessional. The glasses and lenses I get from O'Brien's always give me the best possible vision.

My eye examination with Dr. Janjua is always good with explanations and advice. A positive experience!!

M. Bovvill


I was tired of being told by B**** Opticians that my prescription was right for me when it clearly wasn't! I couldn't get suitable varifocals from B**** after my first pair and had to buy both reading and distance specs each time, making my busy working life frustrating.

O'Brien's has always been able to meet my requirements in this respect because, as I understand it, they are not tied to a small number of makers producing standard lenses. My husband had a good service from O'Brien's before it changed hands. I knew they were more expensive thsn B**** but decided to try them as an independent optician. I'm very glad that I did!

They are friendly and helpful and provide a professional service and are excellent compared to B**** (the only other optician I have tried).

I have always been very satisfied with my purchases. I believe the practice uses a range of lenses that can be tailored according to individual lifestyles and budgets. The staff has always passed on any discounts available.

Dr Janjua is very precise with his measurements. He explains things carefully and discusses any issues, taking the time required. All the staff are very friendly, helpful and do their best to get the frames fitting comfortably and orders back to clients as soon as possible. They adjust the comfort of the frames as needed free of charge.

P. Smith


When you get to my stage in life and you require spectacles I would have no hesitation in recommending O'Brien's Opticians in Brigg.

It is an extremely professional establishment run by Dr Sheeraz Janjua and his experienced team.

Travelling the world as a professional golfer and performing golf trick shots at the Ryder Cup and many prestigious events it is important to have the correct eyewear.

O'Brien's Opticians has an extensive range of frames and lenses to choose from and together with their excellent service in dispensing me I am able to perform all over the world with confidence!

D. Edwards


From the moment you walk into O'Brien's Opticians in Brigg you know you are in a totally professional environment. It starts with the warm welcome you are given at reception before you receive the best eye test in the area from Dr Sheeraz Janjua after which you are then dispensed by knowledgable staff helping you choose from the exeptional collection of frames and lenses.... a truly first class and second to none experience which I could highly recommend with confidence to anyone.
J. Edwards