Reykjavik EyesReykjavik EyesReykjavik Eyes

Minimalist in form and nature, Reykjavik Eyes are softly spoken and fluent in sophistication. Designed for the discerning customer whose interpretation of style goes beyond fashion.

A revolution in frame design

No screws. No hinges. No joints

Engineered from a single sheet of titanium

A unique combination of comfort, strength and style

The result? One of the lightest and strongest frames ever made


Frame Design

They believe revolutionary technology is only worthwhile if it benefits the wearer. And their technology is revolutionary:

Award-Winning Screwless Design

Flexible, ultra-light and extra-strong one-piece titanium frames

Hypo-allergenic silicon-based nosepads and end tips

All the weaknesses of traditional spectacles eliminated

In other words: high tech and low maintenance


But What Does That Mean For You?

Light: Reduced pressure on the nose. Increased comfort

Strong: No joints, means no weak points. Absorb shocks easily

Stylish: Cool, clean and unique. Contemporary scandinavian design

With no screws or hinges Reykjavik Eyes is simply groundbreaking frame design.


As a practising optician, Icelandic designer Gunnar Gunnarson knows what glasses wearers need: comfort, strength and style.Qualities he combines with cutting edge innovation in the eyewear market.

The Story Behind The Frame

Gunnar grew up working in his parents’ opticians in Iceland. Spending his summer holidays replacing lost screws and working on broken glasses, he experienced firsthand the failings of so many spectacle frames. He was inspired to find a better solution. His ingenious idea? A completely screwless frame, that eliminates all the weak points of traditional glasses.

Gunnar spent over three years designing, testing and refining this award winning concept.

The result is Reykjavik Eyes: one of the lightest and strongest frames ever made.

Award-Winning Design

Upon its launch in 2009, Reykjavik Eyes was recognised as a true innovation in eyewear design, attracting prizes for its combination of technology, wearability and style.

The Red Dot Design Award

Reykjavik Eyes was awarded the Red Dot Design Award from the world’s largest and most distinguished product design competition. Established in 1955, and attracting entries from 49 nations, the Red Dot Design Award is regarded as an international seal of design quality.

The Universal Design Award

The Reykjavik Eyes frame also won a universal design award, judged annually by a panel of expert architects and designers. The competition has a design philosophy that focuses on people, recognising Reykjavik Eyes as a cutting-edge product that’s all about the user.

Reykjavik EyesReykjavik EyesReykjavik Eyes

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