Kilsgaard eyewearKilsgaard eyewearKilsgaard eyewearKilsgaard eyewear

Kilsgaard Eyewear embodies simplicity. The idea is to create a contemporary, elegant design that both compliments and reinforces the style of the wearer. They look ahead of the trends – watch how they evolve – but stay grounded in the classic designs that have outlasted decades.

They’re not here to revolutionise the world of eyewear. They’re here to re-introduce, in their own package, what’s proven to work: minimalist aluminium and fine Japanese handmade acetate. Good design has the strength to be simple. That’s why they’ve designed logical spectacle frames that are reliable and insist on elegant tech solutions.

Jacob Kilsgaard founded the company in 2007. The concept was ready to launch in March 2008 at the Drommesyn show in Copenhagen. Since then the company has grown to be a global player in the high-end eyewear market.

Team Kilsgaard strives to sustain positive development - challenging themselves to be creative, while allowing themselves to be different. They find their inspiration all over, but it’s grounded in the Danish and Scandinavian culture, fashion and architectural industry.

Kilsgaard eyewearKilsgaard eyewearKilsgaard eyewearKilsgaard eyewear

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